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Dr Dougal McClean

Dr. Dougal McClean

Dr. Dougal McClean MB ChB (Otago), FRACP, MD (Otago), FCSANZ is an Interventional and General Cardiologist working in private practice at Cardiology Specialists, and also at Christchurch Hospital.

Dr. Dougal McClean has been in private practice since January 2004 and specialises in all aspects of clinical cardiology with a special focus on: Chest Pain, Heart Risk Assessment including CT Coronary and CT Calcium Scans, and Complex Coronary Artery Stenting, as well as Heart Flutters and Dizziness, Atrial Fibrillation, Heart murmurs, Shortness of Breath and Heart failure, and High Blood Pressure. Dr McClean continues the practice established by Professor Hamid Ikram. 

As a high volume Interventional Cardiologist, Dougal McClean’s special interests include complex coronary artery stenting that previously required open heart surgery, and new interventional devices and techniques to improve patient outcomes. He holds a joint appointment as a Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Otago, Christchurch.

Dr Dougal McClean is a Southern Cross Affiliated Provider.

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What Is My Heart Risk?What Is My Heart Risk?

At Cardiology Specialists we can help work out your heart risk.

Risk factors for heart disease are… family history of heart attacks, stents or heart surgery; high cholesterol; high blood pressure; diabetes; and smoking.

Patients may only need One risk factor.

Despite exercising and having a healthy diet, patients can still develop heart disease due to a family history of heart disease. Sometimes the genes for heart disease can skip a generation. Patients who had a parent or sibling who died suddenly at a young age from a heart attack are at higher risk.

What Is My Heart Risk?

Cardiology Specialist Diagnostics

Cardiology Specialist Diagnostics

Cardiology Specialists also includes Cardiology Specialist Diagnostics which is General Practitioner Referral Cardiology Testing Service: ECG, Exercise test, Echo, Holter Monitor, BP monitor, Spirometry.

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